Average spectrogram during the transition from low to high states. Accessible Version

Calderon Lab

Dr. Calderon's laboratory is interested in understanding how the different arousal pathways' participate in establishing and maintaining consciousness in the brain. In particular, she and her team members are interested in determining neuronal circuitries and subcortical and cortical activity dynamics that promote wakefulness under normal and pathological conditions. Their ultimate goal is to elucidate the neuronal mechanisms by which the brain recovers from low brain activity states and apply this knowledge to design devices for monitoring anesthetized patients or patients with disorders of consciousness. Moreover, they aim to develop a treatment to produce adequate brain activation to treat impaired consciousness after brain injury.

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The Lab Team

The Calderon Lab is comprised of post-doctoral fellows, Ph.D. students, and research technicians with diverse backgrounds interested in basic research and its translation to the clinic.

Our Research

To understand the neuronal circuits that promote awakening from low brain activity states like anesthesia and those caused by injury, applying diverse techniques like in vivo recordings, optogenetics, and statistical learning.